Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Moroccan Restaurant "Soul East Cafe"

After watching Andrew Zimmern Bizarre Foods Morocco, I suddenly crave for one.
Good thing that there is a Moroccan restaurant near friend's Allen's house.
We went there and dine in.
The classic ambiance was very Moroccan and I like the playful colors of the interior.
But I just don't feel comfortable with the lightings, it was very dim for me.
I recommend to put more lights.
The food was okay.
The beef cuscus and chicken pineapple was good but I don't compliment cuscus, 
I just don't go for it.
What was so surprising was their harare soup.  I just like it.
For me, this was a once crave restaurant, you can't crave for it that often.
I don't recommend smoking inside the restaurant, it's a no no.
To top it all, 
This restaurant is recommendable.

Until next time.
Thank you very much.

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